Woman Fined Over "God Bless America" Sign

May 23, 2013 12:24 AM

Dolores is 87 years old. Her neighbors say she's terminally ill, and her son is a veteran. She's had a sign on her garage for two months, and refuses to take it down, despite the fact her Homeowner's Association is fining her $100 a month. She declined to go on camera, but her neighbors, many of them veterans, feel the fine is a slap in the fact for the freedom they fought for. Veteran Don Drowty says, "I consider it arrogant and self-righteous to come over here and fine an elderly lady $100 a month for caring enough to fly the flag and write 'God Bless America' on her garage. It's the same slogan veterans have fought for since the formation of our country."
The president of the HOA told Action News that this is a private matter between the homeowner and the HOA, but rules are rules, and people know the rules before they buy property there.


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