Woman escapes Kidnapping; Chico State Police Offers Self-Defense Class

Feb 10, 2014 6:33 PM

A 21-year-old woman escaped from a kidnapper by kicking him on Friday night.

She kicked him, and she got away.

Chico Police are investigating. Meanwhile, a lieutenant with Chico State police is offering a free women's self-defense class right now.

R.A.D., originally a PE class, teaches women of the Chico State community how to handle these situations, essentially like this woman did.

“I teach a lot of other things that I hope people are going to use on a daily basis,” Lt. Corinne Beck said. “This is that class I hope nobody will ever have to use.”

But if they have to, R.A.D. says to use what you got: your hands, feet, elbows, knees, and your voice.

“I’ve been told to not yell help, to yell fire instead,” Chico State student Abby Amos said. “Because if you yell help, they don't want to get themselves in that situation.”

Amos takes a one unit ju-jitsu class right now. Her sorority sister Rory Heinz takes kickboxing.

Their sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, even offered a self-defense class last November.

“We learned martial arts techniques to get out of sticky situations,” Heinz said.

After a few hours of going over myths, realities, and trends, the class moves on to the physical aspect of self-defense.

It all culminates with a night of simulated assaults, padded suits and all.

Beck said women are always offered a walk out to their car after the first couple classes.

“By the last night, we'll have students who say you know what, I can do this by myself tonight.”

She said the woman feel empowered, ready to kick, hit, or even head butt their way out of a sticky situation.

Lt. Beck said tonight's class has about 25 women in it.

They’re booked for this month, but she said they hope to add another class in April.

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