Woman, dog attacked by pit bulls in Whiskeytown park

Jan 18, 2016 8:18 PM by News Staff

Friday was a traumatic experience for Chrisi Darrington.

While out on a walk with her border collie Friday afternoon at the Brandy Creek boat launch in Whiskeytown, three pit bulls off of their leash attacked her and her dog.

Darrington says she feels lucky to be alive.

“When I went to Whiskeytown lake today I was surprised to find there were no signs allowing or prohibiting animals on leashes,” she said.

During the attack, Darrington said the thing she feared most was not knowing what the dogs would do.

“They had their heads hunched and staring at me,” she said, “like they were going to come at me.”

Darrington said the dogs were ruthless and attacked her collie non-stop.

“(The dogs) grabbed her by the neck and pulled her down on the ground,” she said. “When she tried to get away, he would just shake her”

The grizzly attack started on the beach but when Darrington said she felt that she was cornered, she actually had to go into the water to make sure that she and her dog were were safe. Darrington said the dog’s owner took little interest in how the dogs attacked her.

“I remember her apologize, but she said it so nonchalantly,” Darrington said. “’oh I'm so sorry.’ I thought in my head, ‘lady, I'm still looking at two dogs. I needed to get out of the water, the water's cold and I screamed at her 'get your dogs off the beach.'”

Today, Lucy the border collie is a happy collie...and she only has a few war wounds to show.

“All-in-all by the time I got home from the vet, I showered, we gave Lucy a cheese stick and she was happy again,” Darrington said. “You know dogs, they're so resilient, I was the one shaking.”

Park Rangers in charge of Brandy Creek boat launch did not respond to calls for interview. Darrington said she wasn't able to catch the name of the woman who owned the pit bulls or get a description of her car.


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