Witnesses: Two Men in Butte Co. Truck Dumped Junk

Apr 24, 2013 11:45 PM

James Allison has lived on the same street in south Oroville for 16 years, at the corner of Ithaca and Myers Streets. He says illegal dumping has become a huge problem, and most of the time, residents end up cleaning up the junk themselves. But Monday, he was shocked to see a white pick-up truck with a Butte County logo on the door pull up to the corner with it's tailgate down, then pull away, leaving a pile of junk behind. He says, "It was a white truck, but it had the county logo on the door, and the orange thing on the top of it." Allison says he takes pride in his property. "My yard is mowed, my roses are in bloom, and I have a garden in the back. I do take care of mine." Every morning, he drinks his coffee in front of his house. He says he's been watching this pile of junk since it got dropped off.
Lorie Stapp lives right behind Allison. She says she saw the same truck nearby with a bed full of colored fabric and thought it was strange. She says, "It was a little white truck. That's how I know it was a county truck."
The Butte County Administration Department says no incidents have been reported, but they urge residents to write down a license plate number so they can conduct an investigation.


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