Wish Granted For Chico Leukemia Patient

Jun 22, 2010 7:34 PM

A wish come true for five year old Stevie Brown, who is recovering from Leukemia. He got to ride in and even drive a garbage truck at Recology's facility in Oroville. "This is by far the most exciting thing that I've ever done and again feeling lucky, feeling blessed to be a part of something that's just so wonderful to a little guy and to his family and to our employees, this really means a lot," Carl Peters, Operations Manager at Recology Butte Colusa Counties stated.

His mother Jennifer says this day could not have come at a better time because things are looking up! Stevie just finished three and half years of chemotherapy. He was diagnosed when he was just two years old. "He is beating it is so far, so really positive on that, trying to stay upbeat and making sure nothing happens in the meantime and just taking good care of him," Jennifer explained.

Stevie already went to Disney World through the Make A Wish Foundation. He says he is thankful to Recology for making his second dream come true. "Seeing trash get picked up and dumped!" Stevie explained. "Something as simple as a garbage truck put a smile on a little kid's face and especially because he deserves it, three and half years of chemo, most adults can't handle that, trust me, I lived along with it and I'll tell you what, he is a fighter."

Stevie is scheduled for surgery on Monday. "Really looking forward to trying to have a normal life, find out what that really means without Leukemia and Cancer in our lives," Jennifer said.


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