Wintry Weather in Mid-April

Apr 13, 2012 8:02 PM

Wet, windy and cold.. Not how most of us would normally describe mid-April weather in California. But for many parts of the north state, storms have hit hard in the last 24 hours. According to the National Weather Service, some parts of the north state saw one to two inches of rain overnight. Jamey Autrey from Cohasset says, "I was sweating watching the rainfall total, so I'm really glad to see it pick up." Chico resident Ali Bettner says, "I kind of like it.. I like the rain."

But while some welcome it, others are ready for a change. The rain cancelled outdoor sporting events like little league games and the monster truck event at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. Chico Resident Alyssa Berry says, "I'm really tired of the rain, I can't wait for summer." Jessica Ellis from Chico says, "I'm pretty tired of the rain.. I'm a sunny weather person."

It wasn't just the rain that picked up.. In places like Cohasset, snow levels dipped to about 3,500 feet.. Leaving a blanket of snow behind. And in some other areas it even dropped as low as 2,000 feet; much lower than weather watchers expected. "This is really going to help everybody actually.. Wells, reservoir, all of that," says Autrey.

Snow blanketed roof tops, trees, and cars, but most Cohasset residents described it as a mild storm. Autrey says, "No this is nothing.. It's pretty wimpy. We usually get a foot, foot and a half, sometimes three feet of snow.. max we got this year.. probably 6 inches."

A much needed addition to a very dry winter. Autrey says, "Because of the lack of rainfall, I'll take more than less right now." Bettner says, "In the summer I'll probably be sick of the hot weather, so why not enjoy it right now."


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