Winter wonderland in Magalia

Apr 1, 2014 1:42 AM

The cold storm that moved through Monday brought heavy rain to the Sacramento Valley, but residents in Magalia were treated to a winter wonderland. "Mother nature's been pretty unpredictable lately so nothing really surprises me. Fortunately, I’m as prepared as you can be. I have a 4-wheel drive and dressed warm," said Kelley Carey of Magalia. She said she wasn’t too fond of the cold temperatures. "I don't mind it. It’s not my preference. It’s a little cold for this now. I’m ready to be warm and laying in the sun."

However, others were happy to see the snow falling and say it's great to see some precipitation during our severe drought. "It's starting to stick. It's staying on the trees and stuff so that's great. That means there's snow pack up higher so that's what we need," explained Della Hilley of Magalia.

We caught up with some local youngsters who were more than excited to get out and play in the snow. "We're kind of used to it but it's very fun just to see snow and play in it," said Jordana Ferguson of Magalia. Kylie Phillips added "we have a big old puddle in our yard and me and my brother are trying to ice skate on it and we're trying to make an igloo."

Whether you like it or not, everyone we spoke to says the precipitation is long overdue. "We really need it. It’s long and coming but it's good to have it," said Hilley.

Others from Stirling City reported about out half a foot of snow, which is great news for our snow pack.


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