Winner announced soon in Florida's Python Challenge

Feb 27, 2016 11:39 AM

Florida officials will announce the winner of a month-long python hunt today. The non-native Burmese Python is not only destructive, but also elusive. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a bounty on the heads of these snakes because they are taking a toll on the state's birds and mammals in the Everglades. Monetary prizes will be awarded for the longest python and the most caught. After a month-long hunt, about a thousand participants turned in just 102 Burmese Pythons in the wild, you've probably passed 10 of them. They are very difficult to find. Says team leader, Peggy Van Gorder, "We saw one squirrel. We saw two raccoons. We didn't see one possum, one armadillo. There's hardly any mammals left down there." Pythons have even been found to eat alligators, according to Florida Officials.


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