Windows Stolen from Habitat for Humanity Home

Aug 18, 2010 6:14 PM

" To come and have such an act of disrespect for what we do and for what all of our volunteers do, it was really disheartening" said Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Darlene Giampaoli. Habitat for Humanity volunteers are in shock after learning one of their jobsites was vandalized, to the tune of $1,500. The organization is currently building three homes on East 16th street for three lucky Chico families. But one of the families on Saturday was not so lucky after they realized the windows for their soon to be home had been stolen.
"I'm really sad, you know, because we work so hard for it and we weren't expecting somebody to steal it" said Mina Bhakta, the potential home owner. Mina and her family come every Saturday to work on the house, eager for the day they will make it their home, and it's a race against time. "It's sad because we're really working to get this home done by Christmas" explained Giampaoli. The eight windows that were stolen late Friday night were left inside the home, ready to be installed Saturday morning. Building will continue, though the theft is pushing back the deadline. "We know as an organization the community is very supportive and we really rely heavily on their support" Giampaoli said. Mina added " I hope the community will come and help us a little bit".
The homes are being built by Chico State students volunteering their time along with R.O.P. students from Pleasant Valley High school. While Mina and her family are grateful, she is still left with one question " Why my house? We've worked so hard for it".


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