Win-River Casino and Resort bans smoking

Mar 14, 2014 8:04 PM

It's official -- the Win-River Casino and Resort in Redding is now smoke-free.
It's a new day for the Win-River Casino and Resort--the floors are looking clear, and smelling fresh.
"It's really awesome."
At midnight, Win-River banned smoking on the entire gambling floor, making it the first casino and resort in California to implement this kind of policy.
Narinder Dhaliwhal was instrumental in the bold decision made by the casino.
The study found only 10% of patrons smoked on the floor--a much lower number than previously thought.
"When I came down, there was less smoke--actually, there was no smoke."
The casino would not let us talk with patrons on camera today, but employees are relieved they can finally take a breath of fresh air without choking or tearing up.
"I came down 4 times today, usually 1 to 2 times a day."
The tribal council was awarded a certificate during the conference today for officially becoming the first resort and casino to have a smoke-free environment.
Win-River management plans to repaint the facility, change the carpets, and clean the ventilation system in an effort to re-brand their image.
"Smoking and gambling definitely go hand-in-hand. My husband and I love gambling, but we don't was all a myth".
The general manager say he's gotten a lot of positive feedback from patrons after the ban went into effect;he expects to gain even more business, now that the casino is smoke free.


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