Willows Student Remains Expelled

Apr 7, 2010 8:11 PM

The Glenn County Board of Education will not allow Shawki Al-Rifai to return to Willows High School. The seventeen year old was expelled after a fight with student Dalton Day. Day ended up with a broken nose and extensive dental injuries. Al-Rifai ended up in Juvenile Hall. Al-Rifai's mother says the punishment is not fair. She says her son was provoked by years of racial slurs from day and his friends. "No actions were taken to stop the bullying, to stop any of the harassment and to stop the name calling. My kids get harassed almost everyday at Willows High School," Muyassar Al-Rifai stated.

Board members agree the school should have known, but the school Superintendent says no one knew it was happening. "The school site administrators didn't have any warning or indication prior to this happening, nor was there any knowledge of any type of racial tension or any other problems," Steve Olmos stated.

The incident happened on October 28th in the Gym foyer around 3:30. Day's mother says her son was a victim of an act of violence that was not provoked. The family and Day's friends say they are tired of the false accusations. "Dalton has never said any racial slurs, Shawki is just trying to make excuses to try and get less time for what he did and justice was served," Day's friend Cole Abold explained.

Muyassar is pursuing a court case against the district and says she will speak up for her son while he remains in juvenile court. "I will stand by him and fight for him until the last breath of my life."

Olmos says Al-Rifai will finish his education at the Community Day School. An episode on the Dr. Phil show will air later this month on the fight.


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