Willows Police determine school threat not credible

Feb 25, 2016 12:20 AM by Darren Leeds

We have the latest on a supposed threat against willows high school that prompted officials to cancel classes for the entire district Wednesday.
It appears there was no real threat and now a 16-year-old girl faces possible criminal charges.

All four schools in a north state school district were closed Wednesday after an alleged threat of violence against the high school.
Now police are saying that their investigation has found there was no credible threat of violence at any of the Willows Unified Schools.

Chief of Police Jason Dahl says around 11pm Tuesday night, the police department was notified that a person posted a threat on social media towards Willows High School.
Officers were unable to immediately determine the validity of the threat and made the decision to close the entire district.

Geivett says, "After a report from the police department, we decided that due to the health and safety concerns that we have for our students and this viable threat to the students at the high school, we opted to take care of closing our high school that was recommended by our chief of police.

Chief of Police Jason Dahl says when it comes to threats of violence at a school, it must be taken seriously.

Dahl says, "When you look at the instances that happened in the past, the Columbine incident, the other things that have happened with schools shootings. There were specific people that they wanted to target, but then they targeted everyone. So that's kind of where we're at, it's got to be where we shut down the whole school and kept everyone safe and that's what we've done."

police say a 16-year old female juvenile was cited for obstruction of a peace officer in the performance of his or her duties in connection to the threat and a complaint for criminal threats will be filed with the glenn country district attorney's office.

Geivett says, "Well pending the investigation, they are talking to some students right now. Pending the investigation, we'll get some further information from our police department."

The investigation found that there was no credible threat of violence at any of the willows schools.
We spoke with the police department who said that classes will resume Thursday.


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