Willows High Ag Students Get Help from Community to Repair Building

Mar 19, 2011 8:10 PM

Willows High School Ag. Teacher Amanda Samons says, "We were outside of our classrooms all week. this is a second home to a lot of our students and this is where they want to be.." Roughly 70 Willows students, teachers, and community members worked side by side Saturday to repair the damages caused earlier in the week..

Two Willows High Students broke into the Ag building, and spread paint all over the walls, computers, and other items in the office. They also plugged up the sinks, which flooded the entire shop, causing roughly $30,000 worth of damage.

Samon says, "By 8:30 monday morning, we had people calling with offers of equipment, vehicles, whatever we needed." And so the Ag department decided to have a clean up day. But they had no idea how many people would show up to help. "The whole community was invited for cleanup day and we've had a huge turnout and tons of support for the ag community."

The support reached beyond those volunteering their time Saturday. Starbucks, Roundtable, the Willows High Booster Club, and others in the community sent donations and equipment to help with the repairs. "They're repainting our display cases, also repainting our offices, shop clean up, cleaning up storage rooms that haven't been cleaned out in a long time," Samon says.

Willows High School Senior, Josh Hurlburt says, "You have more room in the shop, clean everything, everything will be like brand new now. "

And with the help of so many around them, all the Willows High Ag students could say is thank you. Monica Lion, a Willows High School Senior says, "It's just a lot of support that they give us and that's important like big groups like this need support. And it's good to see all the people that are here supporting willows F.F.A."


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