Wildcats clean up community during Cesar Chavez Day

Mar 31, 2014 7:04 PM

When Chico State students have the day off for a holiday, they're not always known for celebrating the right way.

“People get dressed up in sombreros and go out and basically wreck the town partying,” said Chico State student Brianna Mulvey, who helps coordinate that university’s compost center.

But this year, hundreds of students came together and spent Cesar Chavez Day cutting down that stereotype.

“It says a lot about the people that are showing up," Mulvey said."That people are waking up early and give up their day off to come out and work in the garden instead of going put and partying in the streets.”

At the Chico State compost display garden, more than a dozen students volunteered their time and labor for the annual Cats in the Community Clean Up.

And many of those students honored the international labor leader by rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty by helping clean up their community.

Kory Masen grew up in Tijuana, Mexico and enrolled at Chico State a few years ago. While working at the school’s garden Monday, he said he was honored to celebrate Cesar Chavez through hard work.

“He is such a leader to look up to because I am dedicated to my community,” Masen said of Chavez. “I love fostering my community and he is just the pillar of what that means.”


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