Wheeling with Cops

Jul 9, 2011 8:56 PM

Roughly 200 kids, and kids at heart, mudd crawled their way into the eighth annual Wheelin' with Cops Saturday at the Butte Meadows Community Heliport.. Where members of the North Valley Boys and Girls Club got an inside look at what law enforcement and fire fighting is all about...

Chico Police Chief Mike Maloney says, "They're riding around with police officers and fire fighters, community leaders and business people. And people that really have a sincere interest in sharing what they're doing.. They're just excited about it." "A lot of times they might see a fire truck, but don't get the chance to talk to the people who are on it," Tehama Glenn Cal Fire Captain Dennis Cobb says.

Some of the demonstrations consisted of Cal Fire helicopter rescues, the sheriff's k9 unit, and horses from the Chico Police Department.. On top of that, kids enjoyed lunch, raffle prizes, and a back pack filled with school supplies. But the high-light seemed unanimous to most....

Paradise camper Faith Brown says, "Going 4 wheeling with the cops." Austin Peterson from Paradise says, "My favorite part was the 4 wheeling because it was so bumpy.." Volunteers consisted of members from Chico Police, Butte County Sheriff, Cal Fire, Nor-Cal Crawlers, and the Chico Rotary Club.. Who say they have just about the same amount of fun as the kids do. "They're getting a charge out of the looks that they see on the kids faces and that's what it's all about," says Chief Maloney. Captain Cobb says, "Oh yah. It's a good time coming out with the kids."

And by the end of the fun-filled day, every child seems to have at least one thing that they say is their favorite part. Mahalia Swyers, from Paradise, says, "I saw the helicopter go off.. Everybody told me and Jenna to stand back, so we did. And now I understand why.. Because it blows off your hats and stuff." Magalia camper Jenna LaDue says, "My favorite part was eating the food." Marcos Meza from Chico says, "I thought it was amazing. The 4 wheel driving was actually really fun."


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