Wet start to the weekend

Jan 22, 2016 10:52 PM by Kris Kuyper

Our morning started off wet! The first storm moved south by late this afternoon, but another storm will quickly move on in overnight, with more rain and gusty winds!

Round one arrived late Thursday night with rain and gusty winds, that lasted into Friday morning. This was yet another warm storm, so snow levels stayed above 5000'. It brought us generally around 1/3" to 2/3" of Valley rain, depending on where you are, but has moved south. Storm number two will move in overnight, with a short lived burst of some locally heavy rain and winds that could gust up to 40 mph! By Saturday morning, the rain will turn to showers. As the low tracks right over us, that will destabilize the atmosphere... a few thunderstorms are possible Saturday afternoon in the Valley. The January sun is a weak driving factor, and instability won't be great, but a few isolated thunderstorms are possible.

We should dry out Saturday night, but another weak storm may bring a brief shower near the Oregon border by Sunday afternoon. After that, high pressure will build in for a few days. With all of the recent rain, there's a lot of available moisture around... this will lead to Valley fog next week! It will be dense in places, and could last for a while.

High pressure won't last, however... another storm will target us late next week. Models are having issues with the timing of this storm, be it Friday or Saturday, but they're all consistently breaking high pressure down and bringing the wet weather back to us... very good news.


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