West Valley youth football team makes national title tournament, needs help getting there

Dec 19, 2015 10:07 PM by Ross Field

Fresh off a NorCal state championship victory, a youth football team from Cottonwood is scrambling to find ways to pay for a trip to San Diego to compete in a national championship tournament.

The West Valley Junior Eagle pee wees, made up of 10-to-11-year-olds, qualified for the Pac-12 National Championship tournament.

"Throughout our season we've been pretty unstoppable, both ways," said running back Connor Kennen.

So dominant in fact that they outscored regular season opponents 441-to-0.

West Valley went onto win the NorCal Federation Super Bowl 33-20 over River Valley in November.

"Nobody would have expected this out of little old Cottonwood," added Kennen.

The National Championship tournament takes place Jan. 2-3 at Mission Bay High School in San Diego, improving their record to 13-0.

But there is just one problem. The Junior Eagles need a little help financially.

"Especially during Christmas when people are putting their few dollars out for Christmas presents," said head coach Frank Fales.

The trip costs $15,000. Without the help they can't afford to go.

"My son feels like an NFL player, this is that big. So getting to get on a plane and fly down to this tournament, going down to San Diego, he's thinking this is the dream come true," said team mom Alicia Wood.

"I never would've imagined that we came this far. Throughout the season we've been a very special team and it's been a very special year," added tight end Shane Wood.

The youngsters have the support of their parents. Now they need the support of the community for a chance to play in the National Championship tournament.

If you'd like to help the Junior Eagles get to San Diego, head here:

West Valley Junior Eagles Facebook page.

Or you can call Coach Fales at (530) 736-9332.


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