Well-traveled Chico dog gains social media notoriety

Jun 1, 2015 2:13 PM by News Staff, Photo: Humans of New York/Facebook

A well-traveled dog, who was reportedly found in Chico 15 months ago, has gained national attention thanks to a popular Facebook page that captures New Yorkers during the course of their daily lives.

A photo posted to the Facebook page Humans of New York Sunday morning shows a woman sitting in Central Park with a dog. According to the page, the woman said she found the dog fifteen months ago in a Walmart parking lot in Chico, since then she's been to every state except Florida, Alaska twice.

The Facebook page Humans of New York is liked by more than 13 million people, and as of Monday morning the photo of the woman and dog had been shared more than 5,000 times.

Among the photo's 3,200 plus comments, there are several Butte County residents who express concern that the dog may have been stolen from the Chico area. The post has been shared on the Butte Humane Society's Facebook page, as well as the Life in Chico page.

Humans of New York was started in 2010, and according to the page, the photographer set out to catalogue of New York City's inhabitants and along the way began interviewing the subjects.


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