Weed lumber mill announces fire response plan

Sep 19, 2014 1:56 PM by News Staff

The Lumber Mill in Weed that was damaged in the Boles Fire will keep all its employees working, some at a facility in Oregon, and some in Weed doing repairs.

The Roseburg Sawmill, Weed's largest employer was badly damaged in Monday's fire. Some outer buildings in the mill complex were destroyed, but the main structure appeared to have survived. A pile of wood chips several stories high continued burning days after the blaze broke out.

Today the mill released a statement saying 60 employees will temporarily transfer to one of their Oregon mills while they get the facility in Weed back up and running. The transferred workers will be provided food and housing, while other employees remain in Weed to help with clean up and repairs.

Employees staying in Weed who lost their homes will be provided with temporary housing and counseling services for them and their families.

The company has set up a fund through the United Way of Northern California, allowing Roseburg employees throughout the U.S. to donate through payroll deduction. The fund, Weed Employee Relief Fund, will give 100% of the donations to those employees affected by the Boles Fire. The company will match employees' donations dollar for dollar.

"Weed is a critical part of our enterprise," said Vice President of Operations Grady Mulbery. "Our objective at this point is to provide stability to the community as quickly as possible. While the impact of the fire will be felt by many for some time to come, it is Roseburg's goal to get the mill back up and running as soon as possible to mitigate the financial impact to the community and our employees."

The company said Thursday their target is to be up and running by Thursday.


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