Weed City Council approves tentative water deal

Feb 25, 2016 7:19 PM by David McVicker

In a 3-2 vote, Weed City Council members voted to extend the lease of the city’s water supply from Roseburg Forest Products. The council will reconvene March 10 to finalize deal.

Council members to a 10-year lease for Roseburg to provide water to Weed, however the deal has yet to be signed by Roseburg.

“The Council approved the agreement as proposed with a ten-year lease extension and a five- year option at the end. We are hopeful that it gets signed and finalized,” said Weed City Administrator Ron Stock. “If Roseburg does not sign the agreement by the next City Council meeting, the City will have to consider the Emergency Declaration. It’s the responsible thing to do so we can secure state dollars to have a solution in place before the current contract expires, and the City has no access to water.”

The tentative deal is five years in the making, according to city council members. Neither side had been able to reach a deal until this point.

The current 50-year contract ends in June and there is not another viable, cost-effective water source available for immediate use. This means Weed residents in the north will have limited water for household use. The health and safety of residents and property within the City are at risk.

Weed officials will move forward to seek a long-term solution through application for $1.5 million in grant funding from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for construction of a pipeline to consolidate or interconnect with another water system, or develop or acquire drinking water sources.


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