Weather Damage Shuts Down School

Dec 9, 2013 7:42 PM

Students and staff of a Butte County elementary school had a chilling return to school Monday.

“It was cold over the weekend and it was cold when we came back too,” said Greg Blake, Concow Elementary School.

Concow Elementary School was closed Monday after the weekend’s cold weather damaged the school’s plumbing and drained its water supply.

“We were able to find the leak this morning but all of our water had drained out of our tanks over the weekend,” Blake said. “If you don't have water to run your bathrooms and your kitchen and things like that then it’s virtually impossible to have school.”

Steve Dennis has worked at Concow Elementary for the past 22 years. Every year he sees snow; but nothing quite like this.

“This particular storm was different from the rest of them,” he said. “It was a lot drier, it came in quick, left just as quick and it left us with all this.”

While this snow may have created many challenges it also makes for a lot of fun.

“The kids love it,” Dennis said. “There will be a lot of snowballs no matter what they’re told they’ll be a lot of snowballs.”

Students will not get a hall pass on this lost day of school. Blake said they will make it up at the end of next semester.


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