Waterworks Park opens for summer

May 23, 2014 7:57 PM

Two traditions mark the start of summer every year, opening day at Waterworks Park, and high school seniors playing hooky.

"It's Senior Skip Day and we just wanted to have some fun. We don't have In-N-Out in Oregon so we decided to come down and eat some In-N-Out and have water slides," said Nathan Hoyt.

Nathan and a group of his classmates headed down to Redding to join the others who have been waiting for the park to open.

"I woke her up this morning, and asked her what we're doing today, and she said 'Water Park!' Anthony Stover said about his daughter, Mia Bella.

Behind the scenes, employees have been hard at work getting things ready.

"It was a mad dash to the end to get everything painted and pretty and cleaned and put out and working properly," said general manager Rebecca Ortiz.

The completion of the 'Dragon' ride is a triumph for the park.

Just four months ago, it was a pile of ashes after being a victim to an arson fire.

"It was very devastating. It was very personal. It was very traumatic for everyone at the park. People love that ride and it was a brand new ride, people hadn't even got a chance to ride it yet, so we're really excited that we get it back and are giving kids and families the opportunity to ride it again," Ortiz said.

Now back in service, the 'Dragon' can join the list of rides that guests come back for every summer.


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