Waterworks Park fire investigated as arson

Jan 28, 2014 7:09 PM

Employees of Redding's Waterworks Park were shocked to learn that not only had the park's popular Dragon slide been destroyed by an overnight fire, but that it was intentionally set.

"We have found out that it's a single arsonist who had started a fire, which we've found out had originated around the head of the dragon," said general manager Rebecca Ortiz.

While the park is currently closed for the winter, cameras and alarms are on all the time.

"We didn't make out the exact face, we do see there's one assailant and he is lighting the head of the dragon on fire and we do see him leave," Ortiz said.

The footage has been turned over to the fire department, which confirms this is an arson investigation.

Luckily, the park had insurance for the Dragon, which Ortiz tells us is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even though the slide has essentially been reduced to rubble, park officials have high hopes that they'll be able to replace it before summer.

They are still waiting to learn the extent of the damage to the neighboring slide, which is known as the Corkscrew, and whether that attraction will need to be repaired, as well.


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