Watering landscape during a dry winter

Jan 8, 2014 8:06 PM

Usually during the winter months, Mother Nature takes care of watering the lawn. However, the lack of rain has left many yards and plants across the north state in need of water.

During this time of year, there wouldn't be a need to turn on your sprinklers or water your plants but with this year's extremely dry season, folks around the north state need to bring out the hose.

By the look of things, it's hard to believe we're in the heart of winter and the huge lack of rain this year is affecting us in many ways, including the plants around our homes. "This year’s been unusually dry and the soils dry very deeply. So, you need to water probably once a week for a young landscape. For a very well established landscape, you might go every week and a half or two weeks but water it deeply," said Ken Hodge of Hodge’s Nursery & Gifts in Durham.

These are things that we usually don't worry about but we have to make up for what Mother Nature isn't providing. "Normally it's foggy right now or rainy. It normally rains every week or two which will be plenty, so if you water your landscape every week or every two weeks that would be about the same as getting the rain," said Hodge.

One of the main concerns homeowners have are the trees in their yards. "This would include fruit trees or shade trees or anything because you don't want the buds, particularly on fruit trees, to dry out and die because that's what you're depending on for fruit next year."

Hodge says he wants everyone to be informed to make it through the winter. “We've had a lot of calls about this and I appreciate when they call because I want them to be successful. We want them to keep their plants healthy during the winter." He also suggested watering your plants when there's a threat for frost because the water helps bring up the soil temperatures.


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