Water-wise Landscape Workshop offered for yard care professionals

Jan 28, 2014 6:19 PM

Here’s a timely topic … even with rain in the forecast for the North State this week. The Paradise Irrigation District is hosting a “Water-wise Landscape Workshop” for yard care professionals.

PID Officials say it will feature “best practices” for wise water use in landscaping on the ridge. The Landscape Irrigation workshop is scheduled from noon to 4 pm on Feb. 27. Participants will explore new irrigation technology, discover plants that thrive locally with less water, and will learn about PID meter system tools to help their customers save landscaping water and cost.

The free workshop will include lunch, handouts, and presentations by local experts in water-wise landscaping, as well as roundtable discussion. And it will cover conservation partnerships.

PID says that in some homes, more than half of the water usage is for outdoor landscaping. Yard professionals, including handymen, landscapers and gardeners who help customers care for their yards are eligible to take part. Pre- registration is required at 877-4971.


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