Water main break leaves entire Redding mobile home park community without water

Aug 20, 2014 8:41 PM

A water main break at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Estates has left hundreds of residents with no water since Tuesday morning.

Residents say they were told the water would be back up and running around midnight - 24 hours later -- there's still no water.

Gary Coombs doesn't seem to mind that he hasn't had running water for the last 24 hours.

"My daughter lives down the road so we can go over there and take showers and stuff."

Today, he's filling his buckets up with water from this tender brought by Axner's Excavating last night.

"I'm a little surprised, but we understand things happen."

Tuesday morning at around 8 a.m. the main water pipe burst underneath a home on Big Bear Lane, cutting off water to the entire mobile home community.

Excavators have been working for hours to try and repair the pipe - Axner's manager John Williams spoke to Action News Now off-camera and said the pipe burst on its own, likely because it was too old.

Residents say their biggest inconvenience is not having air conditioning because their swamp coolers don't work without water.

Chad Steffens, a volunteer firefighter for Shasta County, took the situation into his own hands and set off with his own mission.

"I'm making sure everybody has containers in front of their mobile home and going by with my truck with 5 gallon bucket pour out of the can into their buckets..."

Chad says most of the residents at the mobile home park are elderly and have a hard time getting around.

But for Tina McDonald, it's an opportunity to get some exercise and stay in shape.
She says it could be much worse.

"There are people that live like this all the time who don't have running water so it makes me appreciate what we have a lot more..."

The homeowner living above that broken pipe didn't want to speak with Action News Now on camera today.

Earlier, the excavating company told Action News Now they would have water back up and running by 5 O'clock -- that deadline has now been pushed to midnight.


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