Water levels low on Lake Oroville

Dec 24, 2013 8:15 PM

While many people are enjoying these unusually warm temperatures and dry weather, others are concerned over the lack of moisture to the area and what that means for us in the long term.

Lake Oroville is one of the treasures of the north state and also one of the largest reservoirs in the state of California. “The lake is a mutli-use lake as you know. First of all being flood control and then a reservoir for the state, both environmentally drinking and agriculturally. It gets watched very closely," explains John Prieto, General Manager for the Lake Oroville Marina.

With a lack of rain so far this season, water levels are extremely low. "So far it has been a slow rain year. The tendency for Lake Oroville, a lot of times, it comes in pretty quick. We’re looking forward to this storm season opening up and a series of storms coming in" said Prieto.

In the meantime, boaters are still going out on the water and enjoying the lake. "It's not going to prevent us from coming out on the lake. We really enjoy Lake Oroville. We live in Paradise, and although the water level is down considerably at this point, it's been lower in the past" said Robert Kennelly.

"I came here in 1975. I saw the 76-77 drought. It was intense but the lake bounced back,” said Prieto. Right now, all we can do is wait and hope for some good news from Mother Nature. "We've got our fingers crossed. We just really need that rain," said Kennelly.

We’re currently on track to have the driest season on record.


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