Water guzzling businesses in the North State conserving water

Mar 19, 2015 8:44 PM

Although the state of California is about to get one-billion dollars in drought relief from Governor Jerry Brown, some heavy water users around Redding are relying on their own efforts to save water.

Action News Now reporter Angela Musallam spoke to a golf course, a water park and a car wash in Redding today -- all businesses that rely on water to survive.

Only water can make grass this green at Allen's Golf Course in Redding, but with California entering its fourth year of drought, management is cutting back its water use where you can't see it.

"We shut some of the drinking fountains off, we're not watering any of the fairways and we're not washing the golf carts."

Ken Bogges says the only reason the grass on the course is still green is because of the intermittent rainfall.

Audobon International estimates the average golf course in the U.S. uses up to 312,000 gallons of water per day.
That figure is nowhere near what Allen's Golf Course plans to use.

"We've only watered the greens once this year."

Golfers don't seem to mind the changes -- in fact -- they'd prefer it this way.

"They actually want the ball to roll more, so the drier it is, the better the ball rolls."

"A lot of people have a misconception that we go through a lot of water."

Joe Murphy owns Waterworks Park in Redding, and every season the park guzzles up to 80,000 gallons of water.
The water is recycled, and Joe says his maintenance crew cleans and fills the pools once a year.
Without water though, the park would shut down, so Joe has taken a more creative approach to conserve what he can.

"We have drought-resistant plants in the water park, and we are adding some artificial turf to certain areas so we won't have to water those."

Quality Plus Car Wash & Detail on Hilltop Drive goes through thousands of gallons of water a day, but management wouldn't talk to Action News Now on camera about what they are doing to save water.

"Everybody has to give up something."

Hotels and restaurants now have mandatory water restrictions -- water won't be served and linens won't be washed --unless the customer asks.


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