Water customers call on Redding to change water-reporting policy amid false reports

Aug 31, 2015 2:48 PM by News Staff

In this fourth year of drought a lot of California cities are asking citizens to report water wasting, but others say it is leading to false accusations and reports.

Redding resident Shannon Hicks says he has been falsely reported to the city for overwatering his lawn twice.

Hicks received a courtesy notice from the city on July 17th, stating he was overwatering his lawn. He received a second letter in the mail a few weeks later, a complaint from one of his neighbors who alleged he was watering on Wednesdays. Hicks says he never waters on Mondays and is aware of the city’s water restrictions.

The city eventually removed the citizen filed complaint, and according to the Redding Water Utility Manager, there is no way for the department to verify every complaint they receive.

City officials say each complaint is taken at face value, and Hicks is asking the city to review its current policy so other customers don’t abuse it.


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