Water causing an odor for some Butte County residents

Apr 1, 2014 6:23 PM

The South Feather Water Power District says that people in the Oroville, Kelly Ridge, and Palermo areas have been noticing some strange odors and a metallic taste from their water.

The agency noticed the problem about two weeks ago.

District General Manager Michael Glaze said that the problem is a result of the drought and a mechanical valve issue that allows fresh water into the reservoir that eliminates the odor from the drinking water.

Glaze said they are in the process of putting fresh water in the reservoir, with other facilities bringing in the new water.

The mechanical valve is in the process of being replaced in South Korea and should be restored by July.

Gary Hiemeyer, an Oroville resident stated his water is clear, but has a metallic taste.

Glazer said despite the reports, the water is 100 percent safe and anyone with concerns should call the South Feather Water Power District at (530) 533-4578.


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