Waste Management rolls out more environmentally friendly trucks in Chico

Apr 16, 2014 9:01 AM

Waste Management is rolling out a new lean, green, trash collecting machine. Chico is one of the first places in the nation that Waste Management is using its new compressed natural gas trucks, and it's the only trash collection company using this kind of technology in the area. The trucks were first rolled out as part of a pilot program last year to replace the older models, which run on diesel. The CNG vehicles are not only more fuel efficient, but they leave behind a smaller carbon footprint by reducing up to 90% of air particulates and 25% of greenhouse gas emissions.

"With every one of these CNG trucks that we put on route we actually cut about 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel per truck and about 22 metric tons of greenhouse gas per truck annually," says Ryan West, District Manager for Waste Management of North Valley.

The truck's engine automatically shuts off after idling for five minutes to save on fuel and further reduce emissions. They also have another added bonus, the vehicles run a lot quieter, which they say customers love.

"Some of the comments we've already gotten are they they still hear the backup beeper, because we have to have that running, but they can barely hear the truck anymore," says West.

Waste management officials say the high pressure fuel pump on the new CNG models helps reduce noise by 25%. Sheraton Real Estate Management in Chico has nearly 500 homes that will benefit from the new trucks during the early morning collection hours. Dan Herbert, President of Sheraton Real Estate, has been a client of Waste Management for a long time and says he's excited about the new trucks being used on his properties.

"I really like the idea that when they go into one of our properties, the noise is going to be reduced for an apartment complex during the early mornings when trash collection happens," he says.

Waste Management has 6 compressed natural gas trucks currently being used in Butte County, but company officials say they hope to add more to their fleet in the near future.


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