Warrior superstar's success an inspiration to local ballers

May 11, 2016 12:22 PM by News Staff

Steph Curry's impact extends well beyond the NBA.

Action News Now reporter Rick Carhart visited some basketball courts in Chico to find out how Curry is inspiring local hoop hopefuls.

The Chico State Wildcat Recreation Center is a popular spot to find a pickup basketball game most afternoons.

These days, the courts are often full of Warrior’s fans.

"It's something to cheer about for the sport and the bay area,” said Steven Miller, a senior at Chico State.

"It's awesome,” said Sean Taheri, a Wildcat freshman. “Being able to grow up in my college years watching my favorite team be arguably one of the best teams ever, it's unreal, I love it."

Taheri grew up in the bay area and he appreciates that his hero is someone not so different than him.

"I'm 6'2", he's just an inch taller than me,” Taheri said. “I feel like if I’d grown up working as hard as he did I could have been that way too."

Others including younger kids at the local boys and girls club teen center have the same reaction.

"It's inspiring,” said Chico eighth grader Nathan. “This guy who's not humongous can achieve a goal like that, that's pretty cool."

"You can achieve that too, it's not just him,” said Tajeeik, a local eighth grade baller in Chico. “He's not the god of the court, he's just the best right now."

And right now, he's the best by far and not just for the regular season Most Valuable Player awards, the NBAs highest individual honor, but coming back from a sprained knee to carry his team to a playoff win. Curry stands tall even though he's shorter than average in his league.

"Most guys in the league are 6'7 and he's 6'3", doing it all on his own back-top-back MVPs."

For now, Warriors fans and anyone who loves to watch someone at the top of their game are just enjoying the ride.

"It motivates me, if that makes sense," Miller said.

"Anybody can do it, anybody can be inspired by him,” Tajeeik said. “I'm inspired."


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