Warning issued after rabid bat found near Sycamore Pool

May 12, 2015 8:52 PM by News Staff

Chico police issued a warning Tuesday, cautioning Chico residents to be on the lookout for themselves and their pets after a bat tested positive for rabies.

The bat was found near the Sycamore Pool over the weekend and then tested for rabies.

The only way to know if a bat has rabies is to test it in a laboratory, but any bat that is either active during the day, in an unusual location, or unable to fly, has a higher likelihood of being rabid.

Anyone who finds an ill or dead bat should call Animal Control at (530) 897-4960. Additionally, contact Animal Control if a bat is found in a room where someone has been sleeping, where a child has been unattended, or near a mentally impaired or intoxicated person, because a bat bite is so small it could go undetected.

The virus is carried in the saliva of an infected animal and is transmitted when the saliva comes into contact with an open wound or mucus membranes - such as eyes, mouth or nose.

Some symptoms of rabies in pets include is change in behavior, staggering, convulsions, spitting, choking, frothing at the mouth and paralysis.

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