Warmer By This Weekend

Jun 2, 2015 10:22 PM by Kris Kuyper

Temperatures warmed up a bit today, and we'll warm up even more by this weekend. Look for mountain thunderstorms to return as well.

High pressure will slowly strengthen by this weekend, and that will warm our temperatures up. Before that, a weak disturbance will flirt with us, keeping our temperatures stable for the next few days, and sparking afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains. Valley highs will reach the low 90's by this weekend.

We are watching hurricanes Andres and Blanca in the Pacific. Andres is weakening, and there is a slight chance that it's remnant moisture could go into southern California... although Arizona looks like the more likely destination. Blanca is strengthening, and could come close to Cabo San Lucas this weekend. After that, it should weaken... and it's moisture should also go to Arizona. But we'll keep an eye on those two hurricanes and see if their moisture shifts, and heads into California anytime soon.


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