Walnuts Retain Top Crop Status In Butte County

Jul 22, 2013 9:33 AM

The Butte County Agriculture Department is reporting a $77 million increase in overall crop values for 2012 with walnuts leading the way.

The estimated gross value of agricultural production in Butte County for 2012 totaled $721,434,000. Butte County Agriculture Commissioner said the 2012 totals represent a $77.3 million increase over the 2011 gross value total of $644,112,000. The total increase in gross value of agriculture during 2012 is 45 percent above our county 10-year average of $497,000,000.

Butte County Top Ten Crops:

Walnuts $234.5 million
Almonds $160.9 million
Rice $154.5 million
Dried Plums $32.5 million
Nursery Stock $21.5 million
Rice Seed $11.2 million
Cattle/Calves $10.4 million
Peaches $9.9 million
Timber $9.5 million


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