Walle's Triumphant Return to Chico

Jun 27, 2013 4:02 PM

Action News Now was honored to have snagged the first interview with Chico's newest celebrity ... Upon his return home from a whirlwind media tour.
Walle is the winner of the 2013 "World's Ugliest Dog Ccontest".
Reporter Cecile Juliette visited Walle and his owner,Tammie Barbee at the Barbee home Wednesday night.
Walle is a year old Basset-Boxer-Beagle with plenty of star power.
Barbee said she had a winner on her hands...and got inspiration from an unexpected place, "We were at Yosemite and somebody yelled out, your dog is ugly and it rang in my ears, i'm going to see when the ugly dog contest is."
After looking over the online application she got excited about their chances. "They were looking for short legs.. a crooked back....a big head....
putting all this together i thought hey that's my dog, just made sense to me."
Walle beat out several Chinese Crested and Chiuahua ringers...but
this majestic mutt hasn't let his sudden stardom go to his oversized head.
he still prefers to come home and take part in his favorite pastime.
"He's amazing, nicest dog ever, rounds up chickens for us, but he doesn't eat them."
Walle is also a die-hard raiders fan, and seems to take the fame in stride.
"He's always been a story he's used to it."
Walle appeared on the Today show and The View. And Tammie won 15-hundred dollars.


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