Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Apr 10, 2010 8:35 PM

It may seem like some sort of fashion event with all the high heels, but these men, that's right, men, came for a cause! It is part of the Shasta Women's Refuge third annual Walk A Mile in Her Shoes," an event aimed at stopping rape, sexual assault and gender violence. "Women that were battered and beaten, just came out here and showed support, walk in the heels, a mile, just have fun with it," participant Bill Speer stated.

About 150 males literally walked a mile in her shoes Saturday morning in Redding, something that took a little practice. "Once I get my balance, I'm ok, just don't move too fast," explained participant James Adams.

People from all walks of life came including public officials. Maggie John, Executive Director for Shasta Women's Refuge says one in three women has experienced violence in her lifetime, and every 90 seconds a woman is raped. John hopes the community will take home a crucial message from Saturday's event, while having a little fun. "A lot going on, but it's really about a very serious topic and we appreciate the fact that men are willing to do this."

All money will go to the Shasta Women's Refuge, which works to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Event organizers say they hope to raise thirty-thousand dollars from the event.


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