Volunteers share the spirit of giving at Turtle Bay

Nov 22, 2014 6:50 PM by Charlene Cheng

To help kick off the holiday season, Turtle Bay invited local families to join them in getting into the spirit.

"This is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so Family Volunteer Day is all about getting your family together out in the community and encouraging service and giving," volunteer coordinator Liz Crain said.

Volunteers of all ages took over the park, sorting, cleaning, and building.

"I'm helping animals and making toys for them, and help decorate Turtle Bay for Christmas," said seven-year-old volunteer Sarah Hicks.

Turtle Bay actually depends on help from the community all-year-round.

Many of the essential jobs around the park are performed by volunteers

"We wouldn't be able to survive without volunteers. We have them in our gardens, we have them in our museum, we have them all over the park, we have them in animal care," Crain said.

One of the most successful volunteer programs that the park runs is the teen program.

Local high school students get a head start on learning important professional skills.

"I volunteer here because I love being with animals. I love nature. It's a good experience, and I know I'm helping out my community," Timothy Greenberg said.

"It just sparked my interest, so I decided it would be a good learning experience for a future job," Tate Reitan added.

You have to be at least 12-years-old to be a regular volunteer, and at least one young visitor is already looking forward to it.

"I would volunteer because I really like the animals. They take care of us," Hicks said.


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