Volunteers come together to clean Chico

Oct 9, 2015 7:23 PM by News Staff

People from all walks of life came together in downtown Chico with one goal, to make their hometown as beautiful as can be.

The volunteers gathered downtown for introductions, and then headed out to work. Nearly 50 people came out armed with brooms and trash bags.

Pamela Thomas walks the streets of Chico picking up trash at least once a week. She says she constantly finds syringes, used condoms, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Today, Thomas led a group of Chico State students volunteering to clean up the area around Children’s Park, she says she does it because this is her home.

"There are so many families like myself, I'm a single Mom, who are afraid to bring their children down here in a very disgusting environment, so what we're doing is going to bring more families back to our downtown community."

Other volunteer groups cleaned the downtown city plaza, the south end of downtown, and the south campus area.

The day was organized by Stairways Recovery, a program in which formerly homeless individuals transition back into society,

Michael Madieros brought 20 stairways residents to the cleanup, and they teamed up with the Downtown Chico Business Association, Chico State Police, The Chico Police Department and local business leaders. "The power in working side by side, there's a unity in us all doing the same work. It doesn't matter your position or title, you're working next to somebody else and you're doing the exact same work," Madieros said.

Today’s cleanup coincided with Chico’s annual Harvest Sidewalk Sale, and Chico State’s Chico Family Experience Weekend.


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