Volunteer patrolman stops residential burglary in Anderson Heights

Mar 5, 2014 6:21 PM

A member of the Anderson Police Department Volunteer Patrol called on patrol officers to intervene when he noticed suspicious activity around noon at the 1300 block of Knobcone Avenue.

The volunteer was conducting a daily patrol when he spotted a man riding a bike in the canal area along the rural backdrop of the Anderson Heights residences. The VP officer used his binoculars from a safe distance and covertly watched as the subject continued his way along the canal. He watched the subject get off his bicycle and enter the backyard of one of the residences with a backpack.

The volunteer called Anderson Police and officers located a 42-year-old man, they discovered he was a convicted felon for burglary and narcotics offenses, in the yard. The man was in possession of an empty backpack and claimed to know the residents of the house. A female suspect was reported as fleeing the scene upon the officers’ arrival. Officers located a second backpack in the yard that had obviously been recently placed in the location it was recovered. Officers located methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia inside the backpack.

The man was ultimately released, but police say contact with the man developed leads for pending burglary investigations in the area.

The Anderson Heights neighborhood has been plagued over the past few months with burglaries, thefts, and other criminal activity. In response, the Anderson Police Department has been proactively engaged in special enforcement details, neighborhood watch programs, and extra patrol activities. APD is currently investigating several cases related to the burglaries in the general area.


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