Video showing Redding water usage goes viral

Aug 11, 2014 8:11 PM by Charlene Cheng

A video circulating on Facebook shows water streaming down the gutters at the City of Redding Corporation Yard.

In it, you can hear the voice of Spencer DeMarco, who caught it all on camera.

"It was one of my long days of work, and I just got done cutting back the water on one of the huge subdivisions that I work on, a big gated community, and then to come back and park my truck and see water just within minutes of being on already running into the street," he said.

DeMarco owns a landscape maintenance company, and has been struggling to help customers conserve water.

"It was frustrating. That's where the video stemmed from, just my frustration and bitterness for a minute. I was like, I'm just going to share this with a few friends, and show how much water is being wasted by the same people that are implementing all these regulations to us," he said.

It wasn't long before DeMarco's video started racking up shares on Facebook, and even caught the attention of Redding city officials.

"Of course it's concerning. We will comply with our new regulation regarding three days a week and limited number of hours, and all the other restrictions," said Brian Crane, Redding's Director of Public Works.

According to Crane, the city is already taking steps to watch its water usage.

"Our institutions are watering three times a week, they are cutting back time, you can look at the grass in and around city hall, in and around the parks, it's showing stress," he said.

As for DeMarco, he says he hopes his video will result in some positive changes.

"Everything that I'm doing at my job, they should be doing also, if they're going to be driving around and talking about fining people for doing things that they're doing themselves," he said.


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