Video Game Design at Chico State...

Mar 2, 2011 7:52 PM

From Wii's and PlayStations to X-Box's and the Nintendo DS, everybody seems to own a gaming system, and now Chico State students can create what's played on them. " This generation of incoming students, they grew up playing video games, it's something that's common to them", said Applied Computer Graphic Program Coordinator Clarke Steinback. A student in his department, Robert Gutierrez said " It seems to be a rapidly growing industry and it's already pretty high competition".
That's why Chico State will soon offer a new minor in video game design, aimed to help students apply their skills to the digital world. The new set of courses has passed unanimously through Chico State board committees and is now awaiting final approval from the Academic Senate, something that is expected to happen next week. " The rest of campus doesn't really know a lot about us and this gives an opportunity for students to be aware of us as well as faculty" said Steinback.
The campus already has a thriving Applied Computer Graphics department. 50% of the students taking classes are working towards a video game designer degree, while the other half is geared more towards animation. Faculty advisors hope that introducing a minor in the course will attract a broader range of students. " The major aspect to having a minor is allowing students in other disciplines the opportunity to see where their discipline fits within the video game industry", said Steinback. And students involved in the program say they can't get enough of it. " My entire life I've been a gammer, it practically raised me, so this is like a dream come true to find a program that's not in a private school or that's really expensive", said Applied Computer Graphics student Matthew Pletcher.
If the minor program in video game design is approved, the course will be ready for students in the fall.


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