Victims of Recent Chico Explosion Speak Out

Feb 20, 2010 8:45 PM

A sunny day in a quiet Chico neighborhood was interrupted Monday afternoon with a loud bang.

Four year old Giovanni and nine year old Mateo Phanor were playing outside when the younger brother reportedly kicked a pile of white powder that exploded, sending both of them to the hospital. "It was terrifying, just to see him carried in my husbands arms, he was white from head to toe, his eyes, you could see the fear in his eyes," explained mother Vanessa Phanor.

Giovanni suffered burns on his left leg and broke one bone in his ankle and another in his foot. Mateo complained of pain in his ear. Both were released from the hospital Friday afternoon, but the incident continues to be hard for the whole family. "Trying to keep it together for your kids, because you are wondering what's going on, trying to get him through the night because he's waking up with a lot of nightmares," Phanor stated.

Nightmares and fear continue to be a daily battle. "I'm wondering if that will happen again anywhere, everywhere I step it feels like it would explode, just like what happened to my little brother," Mateo explained.

Police are still investigating exactly what the substance was. "We have a suspicion of what the substance may be; however, until it gets sent to a lab we will not know for certain what it is," Sgt. Curtis Prosise said. Police have made no arrests and are continuing to canvass the Creekside Village Mobile Home park for more information. Meanwhile, the family is waiting for answers. "I think once they figure out who did it, it will be a lot of relief for us," Phanor said.

If you have any information, call Chico Police at 897-4900.


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