Victim: Long-held vendetta could have led to my stabbing

Jul 31, 2014 9:56 PM by Cecile Juliette

Darryl Johnson is exhausted. He's only been out of surgery and home from the hospital for a few hours, and can't stop drinking water. The 57 year old says he's always been a strong man, and will make it through this rough patch. He has two large bandages that cover three stab wounds, he says, after being "stuck" three times Thursday morning.

Johnson describes doing his laundry at the Campbell Commons, located at 600 Flume Street near downtown Chico only hours earlier. He says he had left his door open when a man with brown hair worn in a ponytail entered his room, and said, "I'm here to stab you." "Stab me?" Johnson says he asked the man, who then lunged at him with a "dirty, 8-inch long banana knife." Johnson says the man then took off, while he stumbled from his apartment and down the hallway.

Johnson says he was taken to Enloe Medical Center where he was rushed into surgery.

He says he didn't recognize the man, but believes the man knew him, and was there to seek revenge. Says Johnson, "I believe he was after me, that it wasn't a case of mistaken identity. The man had some reason to do this to me."

Johnson, a longtime Chico resident, says he has served six stints in Northern California prisons, all for 2nd Degree Burglary. He still wears an ankle monitor while on probation. He believes the man was either someone who he fought with while in prison, or someone he angered while living in Chico. He says, "It might have been something from a long time ago. He may have seen me and followed me home, and was waiting for me."

Chico Police say anyone with tips should call (530) 895-4911.


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