Veterans host "Amputee Softball Camp" for kids

Jun 16, 2015 12:28 PM

What at first glance may look like just another summer softball game in southern California is really a chance for kids to learn about a lot more than just playing ball.

That's because if you look close you'll see these are not your average players. These kids are all missing arms or legs, and so are their coaches.

Injured veterans started the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Camp three years ago.

Each summer the vets travel to different cities inviting 20 kids from across the country to spend a week learning how to play ball and bond with others who are also missing limbs.

The coaches say they get more out of it than the kids do... but for Sophia Howard from Hudsonville, Michigan-who was born without a right hand-being part of this team is life changing.

"I look around at every single kid and they have disabilities like me," Sophia said. "When you believe in yourself you can do it."

All of the traveling expenses for the players and parents are paid for by donations.

If you'd like to help, you can visit:


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