Veteran Substance Abuse Center in Oroville

Sep 7, 2010 8:02 PM

" I've gotten a second chance and a chance to acclimate myself back into society and make something of myself" said Gulf War Veteran Travis Cobb. And Gulf War Veteran Travis Cobb is not the only one who's received help from the Northern California Treatment Center.
"There's 3,000 veterans in Northern California, about 150 veterans here in Butte County that are in desperate need of help for their substance abuse" said Michael Anderson, the Executive Director of Norther California Treatment Center. The center currently works with more than 70 civilian clients with substance abuse problems and runs 15 transitional living homes. But now it's going one step further by providing veterans a place of their own, so they can get the help they deserve. " We want to give them the opportunity to transition back into society instead of being thrown out here into the disease of addiction" said Anderson.
The treatment center is purchasing 2.5 acres on Oro Dam Boulevard in Oroville. A building is currently being remodeled which will house 48 veterans. The property will eventually include 30 transitional homes for veterans and jobs which are desperately needed. All of this to ensure veterans stay on the straight and narrow. " What they do is they hide and they deaden the pain with alcohol and drugs" Anderson explained. Something Cobb knows all too well, he says he owes his life to this rehabilitation center " I'd probably be back in jail" Cobb said.


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