Veteran awarded home in Oroville

Nov 18, 2014 7:42 PM

US Army Sergeant TJ Norton opened the door to a new beginning today. The Veteran joined the Army in March of 2000.

"9/11 happened and my world changed everything got hectic and I was deployed to Iraq in 2003." says TJ Norton.

He has struggled to get his life back to normal after deployment and five years of service. A few years after his honorable discharge he learned of the national non-profit program Operation Homefront.

"We get the homes donated from Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America and other national lenders and they just want to give back like we do to the people who served this country." says Operation Homefront Caseworker Ashleigh Corsino.

In search of a better life Norton, originally from Sacramento, applied for the program.

"I think he only lived like half an hour away so it was pretty easy to argue that he was ready for this program." says Corsino.

Norton is happy he can provide his girlfriend and 13-year-old daughter a place to call home.

"It is just a tremendous blessing to have that weight lifted off of my shoulders." says Norton. "It is like starting over, new beginnings. I have been in shock and aw since I was told i was receiving the home, it is just amazing."

Norton says the new paint and floors are a good way to start a new life. He says the new place he gets to call home will change his life forever.


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