Very wet Friday

Jan 28, 2016 10:19 PM by Kris Kuyper

A little rain moved through the North State today, but it wasn't much. Much more is coming tomorrow, especially in the Sierra Nevada!

A warm and wet Atmospheric River is coming to the North State Friday, and it's going to soak us. This is a long plume of moisture originating from near Hawaii (why it's called a Pineapple Express sometimes), so it will be warm as well... snow levels will be at least 6000', if not even higher. The Valley may get rain-shadowed a bit by the Coast Range, but we should still expect 1/2" to 1" of rain down here. But the mountains will get absolutely soaked! Look for 2" to 4" in the Siskiyous & Coast Range, with 3" to 6" in the Sierra Nevada! Watch for small mudslides near some recent fire scars, or even some older ones like the Chips or Ponderosa scars. Also, be careful for rockfalls on Highway 70... although the waterfalls that always pop up on 70 after heavy rains can be beautiful!

The steady rain will turn to scattered showers by Saturday as the plume moves south, and those will continue into Sunday. The snow level will finally drop to near 4000' Saturday, but there won't be much moisture left in the storm at that point.

We'll enjoy a break in the wet weather on Monday, with mostly sunny skies. But more light rain is coming later next week! The long range pattern continues to look wet.


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