VECTORS House Offers Safe and Stable Housing to Veterans in Need.

Nov 12, 2015 1:37 AM by Anthony Peters

As America continues to draw down its military numbers, many veterans are finding themselves transitioning back to civilian life. Some times, this transition can be tough and leave veterans without a place to go. One organization which has stepped up in the fight against veteran homelessness is VECTORS.
VECTORS houses up to 15 veterans transitioning from either homelessness or from the service to independent living.

"They have up to 2 years to do what they need to do to transition to independent living and be successful," VECTORS Executive Director Heather Bentley said.

According to latest estimates, 50,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. These numbers include veterans of all ages.

"We have everybody from Afghanistan recently to Vietnam," Bentley said.

For many veterans in need, VECTORS has given them the security needed to reestablish independence.

"I went from having nothing but the clothes on my back to having a nice place to stay, a secure place," Navy veteran Oran Stapleson said.

"This place has helped me out, I can't say enough about them," Frank Reynolds said.

For Reynolds, that security has given him a new lease on life. He was in the hospital when the director found him and offered him a room.

"He pulled me right out of an abusive situation. into a safe environment," he said.

On average, residents are able to quickly transition and find a place to live within a year. However, the need for rooms is greater now than ever.

"The only thing i say is that it should be bigger so we could have more vets come than the 15 we have here," Stapleson said. "It would be great if it was a lot better to bring more vets off the streets."


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