Valentine's Day Preps...

Feb 13, 2011 8:59 PM

It's one of the most romantic holidays of the year, filled with flowers, heart shaped chocolates, and romantic cards. And with Valentine's Day falling on a Monday, local flower shops are gearing up for a busy day. " This has been the biggest one in about three years, it's the first time it's fallen on a weekday in the last three years so we're pretty excited about it" said Rachelle Nyswonger, owner of Flowers By Rachelle.
Local flower shops are packed with everything from specially ordered orchids to bouquets boasting an assortment of flowers and colors. Out of the 15-billion dollars Americans are expected to spend this Valentine's Day, 1.7 of that will go toward flowers alone. And worldwide, more than 50-million roses will be given out, making it this year's flower of choice. " This year it seems to be more than ever the dozen roses, and red, red is the big color this year" said Nyswonger.
And if roses are on your shopping list, how about a 3'9" rose, Flowers By Rachelle can help you with that one. " This is our first year actually caring it in the shop and it's beautiful" said Nyswonger.
But if flowers aren't for you, how about some homemade chocolates from Shubert's Ice Cream & Candy on East 7th street in Chico. " They're getting something that's homemade here in the store here in Chico and it has lots of love and heart and family put into it" said Shubert's Ice Cream & Candy Owner Kasey Pulliam.
The local ice cream and candy shop has all the chocolates you can dream of for that sweet tooth on your list. Even chocolate covered strawberries are available upon request, and if you're a little tongue tied this Valentines, let the strawberries do the talking. " We're here ready to go with lots of chocolates left" said Pulliam.
By the way, more than 36-million heart shaped boxes of chocolates will be sold this year.


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